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 Welcome to Crystal Blue Recording Studios in Dover, Florida. Quality, comfort, and affordability are our top priorities! Your interest in our company is sincerely appreciated. Our intent was to make this website as user-friendly and welcoming as our facility itself. The input and satisfaction of our clients is priority number one, so please let us know how we can serve your needs — both online and at the studio. CBSS wouldn't be where it is today without the terrific clients we've had the privilege of working with. To them, a heartfelt thank you. To the rest of you, I look forward to meeting you soon.
- Dominick Pages, Owner


Tony Ballard CDIf Tony Ballard ever needed a stage name it would most definitely be “Tony Passion.”  Crystal Blue Sound Studios Owner Dominick Pages said, “Tony is as passionate of an artist that I have ever had the privilege to work with.


The Norma Tina Russo cassettes pictured with this story were found in January 2016 at the home of her daughter, Lya, by her granddaughter, Carol.  Although one of them has ‘1957’ handwritten on it, Carol knew that there were not cassettes in the 1950s and wasn’t sure when they were transferred, but assumed that they were previously on reel-to-reel at some point.  She is “99% sure Ava Maria was sung at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa for a wedding.”  The other two performances (on the other cassette) Carol had no idea about, in terms of the performance location or purpose, but noted th


On the heels of “Holy Mother Earth,” his 17-song 2011 gem, singer/songwriter Joe Masciello finds himself with another 28 new tracks spread across two new CDs.  Another fascinating project of incredible diversity, this time the end result is two full-length CDs.

“Joe continued to bring them in and we continued to produce them,” Crystal Blue Sound Studios Owner Dominick Pages said.  “It's an exotic collection of different genres that tell a story collectively.”


Some writers were just born to write.  Faith Angelica is one of those writers.  As an artist, songwriter, and exceptional student, she has a voracious determination to be the best she can be in all of her endeavors.  Being the best she can be only scratches the surface of this blooming singer/songwriter’s potential.

Pages Spotlighted In Podcast Interview

Crystal Blue Sound Studios owner/operator Dominick Pages was recently the featured guest on a podcast available (free) on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  Appearing on the weekly show “Now Hear This Entertainment,” Pages was a wealth of information throughout an almost one-hour interview.

Over the course of the podcast, Pages speaks from the standpoint of a producer, performer, engineer, mentor, songwriter, and as the owner/operator of CBSS.  The interview digs deep into approach, preparation, mindset, and both the recording and performance environments.